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Strengthen & Prosper Financial Workshop


“Strengthen & Prosper” Financial Workshop

For New and Existing Small Businesses

Presented by

Saturday, November 16, 2013

9137 Chamberlayne Rd.
Mechanicsville, VA 23116


If you want security and peace of mind with your business finances, this is the workshop for you!


Do you want to…

Learn federal, state, and local government requirements?
Gain valuable information the IRS will not tell you?
Position your business to avoid penalties?
Minimize time-consuming administrative tasks associated with non-compliance?


Workshop Facilitator:
Cassandra Scarborough, Principal Scarborough CPA

Wheat is symbolic of prosperity, freedom, growth and abundance. All of which you can achieve with proper financial management. Scarborough, CPA is ready to guide you through the process. We are a Certified Public Accounting firm providing customized business consulting and financial management services to small businesses and individuals.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)/
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Financial Management &
Business Consulting Services:
P.O. Box 2802
Chesterfield, VA 23832
Phone: (804) 314-9492


Register Here…


For more information, email us at info@tewnetwork.com.



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2013 Conference Highlights!

The TEW 2013 Conference was a HUGE success! 

We were inspired, equipped, challenged, and celebrated.

Empowered women from near and far were in attendance for this empowered gathering.  From as far as Maryland and Williamsburg, to the greater Richmond area, women have been put to action!  With reports of renewed motivations for:

Business strategies

Marketing savvy

Professional/personal development

Verbal branding

Effective leadership

Financial astuteness

Balanced perspectives

You name it…we provided it.

Experts from many fields were on hand to unlock and unleash the empowered woman within us all.   A special thanks to:

Barb Upchurch of Blueberry Marketing for setting the tone and guiding our day with warmth, humor, and proficiency.

Cassandra Scarborough of Scarborough CPA, LLC for a sobering look into becoming fiscally sound.

Deanna Lorianni & Meghan Codd Walker of Zuula Consulting, LLC for teaching is how to rethink our branding presence in a fresh and innovative way.

Courtney Lynch of LeadStar, LLC for opening out minds to a high level of leadership and leaving the room starving for more.

Sarah Williams of SBA and Women’s Biz for unveiling the many resources available to women leaders and entrepreneurs.


If you missed it…don’t fear, there is more to come!!  Subscribe to our mailing list below or follow us on twitter and facebook for updates and announcements of events to come.




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Early Bird Registration Is Now Open!


It’s Finally Here!

 Registration is now open for the 2013 TEW Conference:



With goals to achieve in 2013, what better way to support your efforts than to spend a day hearing from some of the most accomplished speakers in their fields.  TEW is excited to present a conference in which you will be inspired, equipped, challenged, and celebrated.  You will enjoy a morning of great speakers, giveaways, and interactive participation.  The afternoon will unfold with breakout sessions of your choice and a Q&A roundup with the events’ facilitators and speakers.


Check out our conference page to see some of the facilitators we have lined up for you.  And be on the lookout as we continue to add to our list of dynamic speakers.


Speakers & Facilitators:

Nickkol Lewis//Principal of Visual Appeal, LLC and Founder of TEW

April St. John//Principal of Living A New, LLC and Founder of TEW

Deanna Lorianni// Principal of Zuula Consuling, LLC

Meghan Codd//Principal of Zuula Consulting, LLC


Help us get the word out!!

Share with your network of friends, family, and empowered women and invite them to join you for this remarkable experience.

Join our mailing list below to stay informed of new speakers and updates of conference happenings!!


>> Register Now! <<

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TEW Co-Founder Speaks at The Remarkable Women’s Luncheon – November 2012

Mark Your Calendar & Plan to Attend –  MBL Signature Event: Your Successful Home-Based Business

Do you find your marketing efforts to be ineffective?
Are you happy with the results of your current branding?
Can your targeted customer find you and your service?

Join me at the Bull & Bear Club, to discover what you must know about “Branding Your Home-Based Business”.

You will learn:

>> What brand is, and what it is not.
>> Why branding is critical to your business success?
>> How to establish a strong foundation for your brand?

In this session, you will receive a greater wisdom and understanding of the necessary steps for build an effective and successful brand for your home-based business.  Whether you are an established business of freshly launching, this luncheon can greatly enhance your professional positioning.



Nickkol Lewis has quietly built Visual Appeal, LLC into a powerful force in
marketing for corporations, small business owners and nonprofits. She has
enabled them to effectively present an integrated message across both
traditional and new media platforms.

Nickkol Lewis is the owner and senior creative of  Visual Appeal, LLC, a graphic design consultancy specializing in marketing and public relations support. Visual Appeal provides brand identity, graphic design, web development, and interactive media communications that entice,educate, andengage.

Prior to launching Visual Appeal, Nickkol gained extensive knowledge and experience within the design industry. Professional experience includes packaging design, advertising campaign development, and production management.

With a passion for great design and effective marketing solutions, Visual Appeal was founded on the principle of providing professional, client-focused services.

Nickkol holds a Bachelors in Art from Virginia Commonwealth University. She attributes her success to her supportive husband of 18  years and their two wonderful children.

Connect: Linked In | Twitter | Facebook | visualappealstudio.com


Event Location: Bull and Bear Club

901 E. Cary St. #2100, Richmond, Virginia


Cost: $20 MBL Members

$25 Non-MBL Members

RSVP by calling The Metropolitan Business League at 804-649-7473 no later than Friday, October 12.

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Welcome to The Empowered Woman network, where you will be inspired, equipped, challenged, and celebrated.

Our goal is to facilitate your discovery of untapped skills, gifts, and talents. Our hope is to help you strengthen your business practices, advance in your career, increase your connections and provide new avenues upon which any woman can function from a place of balanced power.


Inspire yourself to live an impactful life while cultivating and motivating those around you.

Discover the YOU in business to capitalize on your strengths.

Equip you with knowledge for personal and professional branding efforts.

Advance your career and increase productivity to reach your ultimate potential.


Our greatest hope is for you to utilize your talents to their fullest potential and to gracefully position yourself as The Empowered Woman. That’s the whole IDEA…

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TEW Co-Founder Speaks at the Remarkable Women’s Luncheon – October 2012

Join April at the Bull & Bear Club and discovering your business IQ and your business EQ (Emotional Quotient)

  • Do you like the way your co-workers, clients, and/or employees respond to you?
  • Is there a business locked inside of you that has not been nourished?
  • As an entrepreneur, do you feel as though your business is not reaching its full potential?
  • Do you sometimes feel unappreciated, overwhelmed, and/or as if you are spinning your wheels?

Believe it or not, IQ is not the only intelligence which predicts your success.  EQ (emotional quotient) plays a dominant role and can dictate your functionality towards all things business.

In this session, you will receive insight and practical tools towards achieving a healthy and balanced way to view YOURSELF in the business arena.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional, or in the corporate arena, this luncheon can greatly enhance your professional positioning.



April St. John is a co-founder of The Empowered Woman.  She is a private practitioner in the field of mental health, specializing in marriage therapy, conflict resolution, and stress & anger management.  She is the author of Living A New Thought, an internationally read mental health blog.

She assists business-minded individuals in identifying what blocks their talent from reaching its full potential.  She provides practical tools towards peaceful productivity while cultivating a healthy mindset towards effective business practices.

April holds a Masters in Professional Counseling, with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy, from Liberty University and a B.A. in Theology.  She attributes her success to her supportive husband of 16 years and their two wonderful children.

Connect: Linked In | Twitter | Facebook | livinganewthought.com


Remarkable Women’s Luncheon – Sponsored by Carmax

What’s your business EQ?  Are you leading with Emotional Intelligence?


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Speaker: April St. John, MA

Bull and Bear Club

901 E. Cary St. #2100, Richmond, Virginia


Cost: $20 MBL Members

$25 Non-MBL Members

RSVP by calling The Metropolitan Business League at 804-649-7473 no later than Friday, October 12.

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The Empowered Woman is launched!

Thank you for visiting The Empowered Woman website! Exciting things are in the works for this amazing network. We invite you to subscribe below for the latest updates and happenings, as well as, connect with us on facebook and twitter.

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